NASPH 2019 Conference Schedule, University of Oregon

Thursday, Oct. 3, EMU Miller Room      

9:00-10:00 “Historical Materialism as Hermeneutics in Herbert Marcuse,” Oscar A. Ralda (Department of Philosophy, University of Oregon)

10:15–11:15 Invited Paper: “Decolonial African Thought and Hermeneutics,” Michael Stern (German and Scandinavian Studies, University of Oregon)

11:30–12:30 Key Note I: “Understanding and the Political: Lessons from Arendt and Gadamer,” James Risser (Seattle University) 


1:30 Words of Welcome, Dean and Head of Department

1:45–2:45 Invited Paper: “Accounting for an Assumed Responsibility,” Peter Warnek (Department of Philosophy, University of Oregon)

3:00–4:00 Key Note II: “Diversifying the Canon of Hermeneutics”? Kristin Gjesdal (Temple University)

Reception 6:00–7:30, Civic Winery

Friday, Oct. 4, University of Oregon Library, Browsing Room                                 

9:00–10:00 “Interpretation in Kristeva’s ‘Psychoanalysis and the Polis’,” Ricardo Friaz (Department of Philosophy, University of Oregon)

10:10–11:10 Hans George Gadamer Essay Prize: “Hermeneutic Justice in Miranda Fricker and Hannah Arendt,” Magnus Ferguson (Boston College)

11:15–12:15 Key Note III: “Interpreting Silence?” Charles Scott (Penn. State)


1:15–2:15 “Gadamer and the Nature of Language: Hermeneutics and Chinese Aesthetics,” Andrew Fuyarchuk (Hanson College, Yorkville University)

2:30- 3:30 Invited Paper: “Folds and Fragments of the Desert: Lineages of ‘Border Arte’,” Omar Rivera (South Western University, Texas)

3:45 Business Meeting

Open Dinner

Saturday, Oct. 5, Graduate School Lounge, Susan Campbell Hall                           

10:00–11:00 Panel Session: 1. “Hermeneutics … Beyond Philosophy,” Abram Fernandez (University of Oregon); 2. “Ethical Hermeneutics/Hermeneutical Ethics: Some Reflections on a Pedagogy of Kindness,“ Caroline Lundquist (University of Oregon);  3. “Art of Interpreting Landscapes,” Annie Ring (University of Oregon).

11:15–12:15 Invited Paper: “Hermeneutic Practice: What Gadamer has to Teach Nursing,” Nancy Moules (University of Calgary, Chair of the Canadian Hermeneutic Institute)


University of Oregon Library, Browsing Room      

1:30–2:30 What Gets Fused in Fusion of Horizons,” Greg Lynch (North Central College)

2:45–3:45 Invited Paper: “Nietzsche and History,” Jason Winfree (California State University)

4:00–5:00 Book Session: Words Underway: Continental Philosophy of Language by Carolyn Culbertson (Florida Golf Coast University): David Vessey (Grand Valley State University) and Jessica Elkayam (Sam Houston State University) 

Closing Banquet 6:30-8:30 pm, Excelsior Inn

Hotel and Flight Information for NASPH 2019 Conference

Dear NASPH members, this is the information for the hotel for the conference in Eugene 3-5 October. You will also find flight information.

Please call and make reservations at the hotel of your choice as soon as possible. We have three home games in a row, so Saturday will be booked quickly.

  • Best Western New Oregon, 1655 Franklin Blvd 541-683-3669 $171 per night plus taxes
  • University Inn & Suites, 1857 Franklin Blvd 541-342-4804 $152 per night plus taxes
  • Days Inn by Wyndam Eugene, 1859 Franklin Blvd 541-342-6383 $152 per night plus taxes
  • Best Western Greentree Inn, 1759 Franklin Blvd 541-485-2727 $152 per night plus taxes
  • Graduate Eugene (Formerly Hilton), 66 E 6th Avenue  541-342-2000 $232 per night plus taxes

These prices are subject to change of course, but these are the prices listed for Oct 3-6, 2019 as of today.

You should fly into Eugene, there are flights that connect with main airports, such as Seattle, L.A., Chicago, and Denver. Depending on the hotel you will have a 20-minute taxi ride or a hotel shuttle. Another option is to fly into Portland. The airport is on the Northside of the city, so you are looking at a two-hour car ride to Eugene. There is a shuttle from the airport to Eugene, but it runs at specific times (

Sessions will take place on campus. Locations TBA. We will have the program for you shortly.

With best wishes, and looking forward to seeing you soon in Oregon,

Alejandro, Carolyn, Cynthia, and Lawrence