As we announced earlier, this year’s NASPH annual conference will be held virtually on October 30 and 31. You can view the conference program here.

If you would like to attend, please send an email to We will reply with a link to the Zoom session in which the conference will be hosted and the password that you will need to join. To help us avoid a last-minute backlog, we request that you send your email a week or so before the conference starts (but we will still accept requests received after that).

Below is the conference schedule. To help facilitate discussion we encourage participants to read the papers ahead of time. You can view the papers by clicking on the titles below.

Friday, 10/30, 2:00-5:25 EST

2:00-2:15: Welcoming Remarks/ About NASPH / Explanation of Program & Logistics

2:20-3:10: Presentation and Discussion: John Arthos, Ich, das Wir, und das Wir, das Ich ist: Interrogating the I-lessness of Hermeneutic Understanding

3:15-4:30: Keynote Presentation and Discussion: Lauren Barthold, “Enactivist Empathy and Dialogue

4:35-5:25: Presentation and Discussion: Carlo DaVia,Gadamer on Essences

Saturday, 10/31, 10:00-3:30 EST

10:00-10:10: Welcome / Review of Program & Logistics

10:15-11:30: Keynote Presentation and Discussion: Theodore George, Is Hermeneutics ‘Realistic’?: Two Responses and a Question

11:30-12:15: Lunch break

12:20-2:10: Invited Panel Presentation and Discussion: “Ricoeur and the Just University,” Dan Boscaljon, Nathan Eric Dickman, Jeff Keuss, and Glenn Whitehouse

2:15-3:05: Presentation and Discussion: Magnus Ferguson, Joycean Hermeneutics and the ‘Tyranny of Hidden Prejudices’”

3:10-3:30: Adjournment and Business Meeting

We are looking forward to ‘seeing’ you all and to an engaging dialogue.