Past Meetings

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Annual Meetings of NASPH

  • 2009 | Newman University 
  • 2008 | DePaul University
  • 2007 | Villanova University
  • 2006 | Gordon College

Affiliated Society Meetings of NASPH at SPEP

  • 2008 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • Cristina Lafont (Northwestern University), “Gadamer and Brandom on Interpretation”
    • Lauren Barthold (Gordon College), “It and Thou: Brandomian Mastering and Gadamerian Befriending of Texts”
  • 2006 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    • John Sallis (Boston College), “Hermeneutics of the Artwork”
    • Discussion of Hans-Georg Gadamer’s “Word and Image,” moderated by Richard Palmer (MacMurry College) and J.M. Baker (University of the Arts)